Be heard as one (BHAO) is a grassroot CIO organisation based in East London with a Focus on Mentoring and Outreach. Our Ethos is focused on fostering growth and change within inner city London communities which in turn will uplift and enrich the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


BHAO’s vision is to uplift and enrich the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. By focusing on their strengths, we aim to steer young people away from many of the common pitfalls and self-fulfilling prophecies placed upon them. We have strong beliefs and are determined to provide young people with safe and targeted strategies that will result in positive, tangible outcomes preparing and enabling for lives as successful adults.


To provide Children and young people with a safe and sustainable support that promotes empowerment, positive choice and independence, while providing the with inspiration to elevate and achieve greatness.



BHAO focus on creating brighter futures for vulnerable and disadvantaged children aged 9 – 24. We are steadfast in our mission to reduce the ever-increasing levels of violence, unemployment and poor educational outcomes within inner city disadvantaged communities and are committed to inspiring growth and elevation to all children and young people that we work with.

Every young person is different and as such we have a dedicated and ever-growing team of empathetic and experienced practitioners all focused on supporting young people to fulfill their potential and develop into happy, successful and independent adults

Be Heard As One - BHAO

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responsibility and accountability.


BHAO pride ourselves on maintaining a set of principles and values with the progression of young people at its core.

  • Advocacy – Always supporting the needs of the YP with the aim of achieving their goals.
  • Sustainability – Sustaining positive relationships and maintaining this throughout the different pathways YPs lives can take.
  • Attainment – we work to ensure that YP are able to achieve SMART targets relative to their individual needs.
  • Respect – We always show our YP respect and this in turn fosters trust and develops a YP sense of community belonging.
  • Integrity – We take a principled approach to working with young people modelling strong principles

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