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Be heard as one (BHAO) is a grassroot CIO organisation based in East London with a Focus on Mentoring and Outreach. Our Ethos is focused on fostering growth and change within inner city London communities which in turn will uplift and enrich the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With many of these young people exposed to Child criminal exploitation (CCE), Child sex exploitation (CSE), Grooming, County Lines, Abuse and youth criminality on the rise in many of London’s inner city areas BHAO is focused on providing children and young people with a safe and sustainable support that promotes empowerment, positive choice and independence, while providing them with inspiration to elevate and achieve greatness.


As products of inner-city London communities that have managed to work our lived experiences out us in a Unique position to identify with the issues facing the Youth that BHAO work with. We specialise on working with “hard to reach” young people many of them either already exposed to criminality, with criminal records and many working through the care system.

BHAO’s aims to create nurturing environments where individuals and groups are enabled to appreciate who they are, recognise their strengths and are empowered to realise their full potential personally, socially and educationally. We approach from a Trauma informed, social, emotional perspective focusing connecting with experiences that have contributed to forming CYP mindset towards life thus empowering them and providing them with the tools to make Change.